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Get Healthy Kingston - Alternative Health & Wellness Mini Expo Saturday September 28, 2019.

Get Healthy Kingston – Alternative Health & Wellness Mini Expo has been organized by community minded people who want to bring Health & Wellness Education to our Kington residents. Our goal is to bring together some of Kingston’s most diverse and interesting groups of companies, organizations and individuals whose career choice is to educate and motivate people to be PROACTIVE in their health as opposed to REACTIVE. 

Health is the foundation of wellbeing. And health care is now not just about treating chronic disease but is becoming strongly orientated to preventative care. 

Consumers are demanding more choice, better outcomes and an active role in their health. Discover the services, technologies and practitioners that are leading in this new era of personalized health and medicine.




Saturday, September 28, 2019 9:00am –3:30pm

St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave. 

Our mini expo is the place to go for the latest in fitness, nutrition, healthy, psychology, workplace wellness and more. Our GHK Expo, features technologies and practitioners who are leading the health and fitness revolution. 

Have meaningful conversations with the people and companies transforming our whole approach to staying healthy and keeping fit at home and at work. Learn more about your health, how to lead a long and healthy life and what your treatment options are.

Holiday Extravaganza Saturday, November 30, 2019

Holiday Extravaganza Vendor Event Saturday November 30, 2019
Christmas shopping easy - A one stop shopping place. Looking for that amazing gift idea.  Come and meet our vendors, they will help you find a perfect teacher gift, or maybe something for your  bus driver. You will definitely find something special for your BBF.   In support of the Salvation Army.   Event time 9am-3pm 

If you are interested in being a vendor tables are $45 6 ft table. You can save $5.00 bring your own 6ft. Table.